About The Calls

About The Calls

About The Calls

Every detail matters. That’s why we put a carefully developed process behind every Zink call. Precise machines, rigorous quality tests and hand-touched finishes tell the story of why Zink quality simply can’t be duplicated. From one champion to another, this is the story of what it takes to create a call worthy of the Zink name.

Waterfowl Calls

Pick your preference: acrylic, wood or polycarbonate. Only the most premium materials are selected from each category, and each require special attention during the call-making process. Mouthpieces and bells are machined using a software that considers every millimeter of every cut. Each call will ultimately run through the lathe three times and the mill once. With the cuts perfected, calls are hand-buffed or flame-polished for that gorgeous Zink finish. Our waterfowl expert secures the reeds and guts then places the finished pieces together. He hand-tunes every call until he’s completely satisfied with the sound. Then it’s into the box and to your door.

Pot Calls

The perfect pot call starts with the perfect materials. Woods go through a density check to hit low moisture levels that won’t swell or warp. Approved blocks then go into the mill for basic cuts. The design really takes shape on the lathe, where we turn the exterior and interior dimensions to meet detailed specifications. Off the lathe, hand-sanding and a multi-phase curing process reach optimum smoothness. Finally, the hand-tuning process matches the best possible striker and ensures that together, the pot and striker deliver impeccable sounds.

Diaphragm Calls

The first step in making a diaphragm is to hand-stretch the reeds across the frame to the proper tolerance. With the reeds properly aligned, we stamp out the frame. The cut reeds and frame are then placed on tape, which folds over to seal. For the finishing touch, we use extra narrow scissors to place cuts on select reeds. You can call us obsessed for doing most of this by hand, and we probably are. But that obsession breeds perfection.

Box Calls

Our panel of experts bring more than 30 years of experience into hand-crafted box calls that look good and sound even better. Carefully cut boxes and paddles combine into a seamless system for pure sounds. These innovative designs are carefully sanded by hand to break just right over a full range of turkey calls. Once they look just right, we finish them off with a hand-tuning so they sound right, too.